Benefits of M2C Space

Reduction of loss and elimination of crime

M2C works as an effective tool for preventing external and internal criminality and reducing losses.

Continuous surveillance of the object

Remote surveillance in 24/7 mode will ensure that you have your space constantly under control.


The smart system processes reports, graphical analyses and other calculations tailored to your current needs.

Data for marketing

Analyses of data on visit rate and behaviour of customers allow you to accurately plan and target marketing campaigns.

Saves costs thanks to automation

State-of-the-art technology automates workflows in logistics or industrial areas. Reduces your labour costs.

Immediate reaction

No area can avoid extraordinary and crisis situations. M2C space will immediately detect them and notify you so you can respond immediately.

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Are you interested in the M2C space system? We will gladly create a solution tailored to your needs.
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Marek Čihák

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